Saturday, 16 November 2013


I went to an open studio this morning with the lovely Gemma and it was super inspiring and lovely and I'll definitely go back next year. 

Purchases from today - miso zine, ghost patrol sketchbook journal, badges, notebooks and different business card things from other artists.

There was another studio next door to ghostpatrol's that had a few artists set up selling their prints and other cute rings like cards and clay heads and badges. 


 Even the building was beautiful. Also, the beautiful Gemma. 


 Ghostpatrol (or David I think is his name??) had the most beautiful studio. There was even the little things like painting around the pipes and personal touches that you know he did to make it his own.


Everything today was really amazing and although I'm definitely not talented in the art department, it kind of made me want to become an artist and live in a studio off wine and coffee. He was really lovely as well and I ended up buying one of his sketchbook things because I wanted him to sign it/ draw me a little something. He drew me a dog that was barking out "thanks" so that was nice. I wanted to tell him how brilliant everything he did was but I was too nervous and a bit in awe of his talent to say anything but thank you. My day started really horrible but I felt a million times better after seeing these studio spaces. 

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